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Why You Should Choose a Pyroclassic

True Kiwi Innovation

The Pyroclassic Wood Fire was developed by scientists at the DSIR (New Zealand Department of Scientific & Industrial Research).

They were tasked with creating the ultimate solution for burning wood in the most economic and environmentally conscious way and so, after years of design and research, the Pyroclassic was born.

For more than 40 years, this unique kiwi fire has led the global market in efficiency.

The ‘Heat Sustainer’

Massive Heat Storage

Designed to keep you warm long after the fire has burned down.

Weighing in at a whopping 45kg (for Pyroclassic IV), the Heat Sustainer is formidable thermal mass capable of absorbing and storing an abundance of heat.

This ceramic firebox stores more heat than any other conventional wood fire through a slow and even release of its heat over an extended period. 

Circular Encapsulation

The cylindrical design enables circular encapsulation allowing for a more complete burn and extraction of fuel from your wood.

Heat Sustainer Pyroclassic Chamber

“Revolutionary….It’s a really clever design”

Heat Sustainer Review by Architect, Guy Marriage

Architect Guy Marriage discusses why he chose a Pyroclassic for ‘Stilt House’, as seen on Grand Designs NZ episode 12.

“The Pyroclassic has been developed to be the most fuel efficient firebox that you can get in New Zealand and that’s why we wanted one.”

Guy Marriage

Director & Architect, First Light Studio

YouTube video

Heat Sustainer Benefits

Of a Large Ceramic Fire Chamber

Reduced Heating Costs

Compared to a steel firebox, a hot ceramic chamber will burn less wood to maintain its temperature.

Burns Less Wood

Circular design for circular flame encapsulation. Provides a more complete and thorough burn.

Stores Heat

The Heat Sustainer absorbs and stores heat which will continue to keep you warm long after the fire has burned down.

Genuine Overnight Burn

Keep toasty through the night and wake up to a warm home.

Less Effort

Wood is burned more thoroughly requiring less reloading, log splitting, carrying…less work in general.

A Healthier Home

Even after the fire has burned down, the Heat Sustainer will slowly and evenly release its stored heat to fight one of the leading causes of dampness – cold rooms. 

Unlike Any Other Wood Burner

Pyroclassic Doesn’t Have a Steel Firebox. Here’s Why.

Unfortunately, the conventional steel firebox as found in most fireplaces is far too inefficient. Although cheap and easy to mass produce, the ineffective materials and square shape lead to a lot of wasted energy.

Steel and Firebricks – steel quickly conducts and releases heat, thus unable to retain it. Meanwhile, fire bricks have a limited capacity to store heat due to their low mass. As soon as the fire begins to die down, you will soon notice a loss of heat in the room.

Square shape – square shape cannot allow for circular encapsulation. Thus, heat is wasted due to flames escaping to the corners leading to an incomplete burn and extraction of fuel from the wood.

Welded design is heat destructable – steel expands and contracts as it heats up and cools down. Over time this will compromise the integrity of the firebox. The Pyroclassic’s ceramic Heat Sustainer is a much more elegant design as it is indestructable to heat beyond what burning wood is able to achieve.

Heat Sustainer FAQ

Vs Conventional Wood Fires

Why do the majority of fireplaces on the market come with inefficient steel fireboxes rather than full ceramic chambers?

Great question. Steel fireboxes are generally cheaper and easier to mass produce. It’s as simple as that really.

Is this [insert expensive, high-end fireplace] with a square, steel firebox not efficient?

Because the steel can’t retain heat and its shape won’t allow for cicular encapsulation, it won’t be as efficient as it could be. 

How does the Heat Sustainer keep me warm after the fire has burned down?

Firstly, the Heat Sustainer is able to absorb and store an abundance of heat thanks to its large size. Secondly, ceramic loses heat at a much slower rate than steel which means once your fire burns down, the Heat Sustainer will continue to release that stored heat evenly over a number of hours. 

I've heard that the Heat Sustainer can provide up to a 12 hour burn time. Is it true or just marketing fluff?

Check out the video time-lapse below to see a 12 hour burn in action.

Timelapse Video

Overnight Burn in Action

YouTube video

Environmentally Conscious Choice

Pyroclassic Fires are Ultra Low Emissions Burners

All Pyroclassic fires are low emission burners, with an emissions rate of only 0.3g/kg – less than half that of most other clean air wood fires. Due to the impressive heat storage capabilities of the fire chamber, Pyroclassic fires consume considerably less firewood. At a fuel consumption rate of only 0.9kg per hour for the Pyro Mini and 1.1kg per hour for the Pyro IV, a Pyroclassic fire is a smart choice for the environment and your wallet!

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Colour Range

Up To 100 Colour Options

If the traditional black box wood fire isn’t for you, then you have come to the right place. Choose from up to 100 colour variations, from bold and bright to classic neutrals. Dare to be different with our colour upgrade Simply choose whether you prefer a Grey or Black fire body (top plate and door) and then explore our huge range of panel colours.

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