New to Wood Burners? Here’s How to Get the Most Value Out of Your Wood Fireplace in Nelson

If you are enjoying your first wood fireplace in Nelson, or are considering buying one, there are some things you should know to help you have the best experience possible. Using your Nelson fireplace strategically can allow you to gain maximum pleasure, the best heat, and the least smoke. Many people in NZ burn wood for heat and enjoyment. It’s cost-effective, renewable, and a great source of heat for your home when used effectively. Here are some tips to get you started.

Burn Dry Wood Only
The wood you put into any wood burners in Nelson should be completely dry and properly split. Green wood contributes large amounts of smoke and creosote, which can clog your chimney. Ideally, the moisture content of your wood should be below 25%. If your wood becomes damp or wet in the rain, bring small amounts inside to allow them to dry before adding them to your fire.

Burn Your Fires Bright and Hot
A fire that smoulders will create less heat and more smoke than a hotter flame. If you notice that the glass front of your burner becomes coated with gunk, it’s a sign that your fires are not burning hot enough. Try leaving the air controls open for at least a half-hour whenever you add more wood and when you first start your fire, to allow the temperature to build up and your wood to burn well.

Let the Fire Burn Out Overnight
If you bank a fire, it will cause excessive smoke and pollution. Let your fire burn out overnight, keeping a supply of kindling on hand so that you can easily restart your burner in the morning if you need to. Similarly, build your fire up gradually if you have just a few glowing embers left, as adding too much wood too soon will create a smouldering, smoky fire.

Burn Only Wood
You should avoid burning anything in wood fires in Nelson except wood and materials you know are safe (such as the recyclable packaging in which your burner arrives). Other materials such as glossy paper, wrappers, magazines, domestic rubbish, electrical cables, plastic, disposable nappies, rubber products, treated timber and fibreboard can produce creosote and other harmful chemicals, offensive odours and air pollution. Burning these items may also cause damage to your burner.

Remove the Ashes Regularly
Regularly remove the ashes from your burner. Remember that ashes are a fire hazard, so be sure to dispose of them appropriately. That means placing them outside in a covered metal container, away from the house in a safe area.

Where to Buy Wood Burners in Nelson
If you are deciding what type of wood burner to purchase, Pyroclassic Fires can help. We offer two burners, the Pyroclassic IV and the Pyroclassic Mini. Our burners can be found throughout the country and online. We are proud to be the first wood fire manufacturer in the world to achieve carboNZeroCert TM certification. We are dedicated to producing eco-friendly wood fires and we work to continually lower our greenhouse gas emissions. Join our customers in contributing to a global effort to promote awareness and help lower emissions by contacting us today for information.