Searching for Small Wood Burners in New Zealand? Try the Pyroclassic Mini.

Have you been thinking of installing a wood burner in your home? The right burner can be a terrific feature to have in your house during the colder months. It creates a rustic, cosy feeling that will make you want to curl up on the couch with a good book and a cup of tea to while away a lazy Sunday afternoon. If you have a small home, though, you might be struggling to find a ‘mini’ wood burner that is suitable for the size of your house. At Pyroclassic Fires, we can help you find the right small wood burners in New Zealand.

Introducing the Pyroclassic Mini

When it comes to small wood burners in NZ, it’s tough to top the Pyroclassic Mini. Taking up minimal space and weighing just 100kg, this compact wood burner is easy to fit into even the smallest homes. If your house is 120 square metres in size or less, then the Pyroclassic Mini is the right wood burner for you.

One of the best things about choosing our mini wood burner in NZ is how eco-friendly it is. At Pyroclassic Fires, we have made a conscious effort in recent years to make our products greener and more sustainable. Those efforts have paid off in spades. We are proud to have been the very first wood fire manufacturer in the world to achieve the carboNZero certification. The carboNZero programme itself was the first greenhouse gas certification to achieve international accreditation under the International Organization for Standardization’s ISO 14065 requirement. In other words, Pyroclassic Fires is a trailblazer in the movement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on a global scale.

Choosing the Pyroclassic Mini as your mini wood burner in NZ, therefore, doubles as your contribution to greenhouse gas emission reduction. In addition to the carboNZeroCert TM certification for Pyroclassic Fires in general, the Pyroclassic Mini has also earned a certification from the Environment Canterbury Regional Council (ECAN) as an ultra-low emission wood burner, or ULEB.

In terms of efficiency, sustainability and safety, the Pyroclassic Mini has the most value of any small wood burners in NZ. There are even colour variations available—over 200 of them—so that you can find the wood stove that looks right in your living room.

Get Help Choosing the Right Small Wood Burners in NZ

If your home is on the borderline between the Pyroclassic Mini range and what would demand a larger burner, feel free to get in touch with our team at Pyroclassic Fires. We would be happy to chat with you further about your wood burner needs and advise you on which model might be right for you. If your home does prove to be too large for the Pyroclassic Mini, we also have a larger model—the Pyroclassic IV—which offers the same advantages.

To learn more about Pyroclassic and our wood burners in New Zealand, contact us today.