Pyroclassic IV Raised Bench

Pyroclassic IV Raised Bench image

Pyroclassic IV Raised Bench

Product Code's: P977B, P977G,

Model: Pyroclassic IV


Product Details

The Pyroclassic IV raised bench and ash protector meets all required clearances so it can be used as a direct replacement for a traditional insulated tiled hearth, even in a corner installation.

The raised bench raises the Pyroclassic fire up to the perfect height for reloading firewood and using the cooktop.

All wood bins are available powder coated in Black Ripple or Grey Ripple to match your fire. For lovers of colour, opt for our custom colour upgrade (additional fee).

Pyroclassic IV Raised Bench & Ash Protector Dimensions:
700mm W x 990mm D x 200mm H

Please specify colour required when going through the checkout - Black or Grey.

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