Wall Screen - Custom

Wall Screen - Custom  image

Wall Screen - Custom

Product Code: P992

Model: Pyroclassic IV & Mini


Product Details

Our flat wall screens with the 25mm air gap will significantly reduce the minimum required safety distances. The side edges of the sheet metal are folded in (forming a right angle) by 25mm, thus creating an air gap. Combustible walls are protected from the hottest parts of the Pyroclassic fire, which are the top plate and the first sections of the flue. The open bottom edge of the screen sits 50mm below the top of the Pyroclassic IV and extends upwards. Cool air enters from below, runs up between the screen and the wall and exits out the top.

This price is for a single wall screen up to 1m2. Dimensions larger than this need to be quoted, email info@pyroclassic.co.nz to discuss your needs.

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