Useful Links


Learn what may be required for your wetback and how to make it work most efficiently 

What is a Wetback? 

Alternative wetback setups with Pulse Flow Valve and pumps

Appraisal document of the Pulse Flow Valve

Compliance Document for NZ Building Code Clause G12 - Water Supplies



Cylinder information from cylinders online

Greenglo cylinder info


Wood Fires & Wood Burning

PM10 - What's the problem?

A new webpage from Ecan about PM10 and what it means.

National Environmental Standards for Air Quality and wood burners

Clean air program with information on wood burners.

Heating Your Home

Written for Waitakere City Council, this is full of useful information about how to efficiently help keep your home warm.


Just in case you needed any more information on wood!

Heating your home with a Pyroclassic

Written by a satisfied Pyro customer in Wellington 

How Good is your Wood?

A great video by our Australian neighbours Pivot Stove & Heating about how to correctly choose and dry your wood.