Why Choose a Pyroclassic Fire?

Massive Heat Storage

The fire chamber of a Pyroclassic fire gives it a unique edge over other wood fires. Our ceramic cast cylinder retains heat like a kiln so you can enjoy a consistent warmth and the convenience of reloading less.

Industry standard fire bricks are incapable of storing the same level of excess heat, making it almost impossible to achieve extended burn times. The largest of our fires, the Pyroclassic IV, is the only clean air approved fire in New Zealand to provide a genuine 12 hour+ overnight burn*.


Environmentally Conscious Choice 

All Pyroclassic fires are low emission burners, with an emissions rate of only 0.3g/kg - less than half that of most other clean air wood fires. Due to the impressive heat storage capabilities of the fire chamber, Pyroclassic fires consume considerably less firewood. At a fuel consumption rate of only 0.9kg per hour for the Pyro Mini and 1.1kg per hour for the Pyro IV, a Pyroclassic fire is the smart choice for the environment and your wallet!

If you are interested in reading more on what Pyroclassic Fires is doing to minimise our impact on the environment, click HERE to learn about our involvement with the carboNZero programme.


Colour Range 

If the traditional black box wood fire isn’t for you, then you have come to the right place!

Choose from more than 200 colour variations, from bold and bright to classic neutrals. Dare to be different with our colour upgrade  Simply choose whether you prefer a Grey or Black fire body (top plate, door and decorative panel) and then explore our huge range of panel colours HERE.


Water Heating Capabilities

Both the Pyroclassic Mini and Pyroclassic IV can be fitted with a wetback, providing a sustainable and more affordable long term solution for water heating. 

  • Pyroclassic Mini: 1.5kW wetback booster
  • Pyroclassic IV: High output 3.7kW wetback

The wetback sits in the fire's upper chamber, clear of the combustion zones so it receives the full heat of the gases once they have gone through the secondary combustion phase.

Good news, if you can't make up your mind just yet, a wetback can be fitted after initial installation as there is no difference structurally between a dry and wet model, other than the wetback unit. Always talk to your plumber before you purchase a wetback. 



The 10mm thick steel top plate provides an excellent surface for cooking. Boil the kettle, slow cook a casserole and even bake bread. Increase your cooking potential on a Pyroclassic IV with our stylish and durable cooktop oven, which includes a handy trivet and embroidered oven mitt. Available from our online shop HERE.

Note: Oven Kit only available for the Pyroclassic IV.


Unique Air Control

Other than the Turboslide which is used for initial start-up and refueling, all Pyroclassic fires have fully automatic air controls. This means the fire controls the rate oxygen is supplied to the wood fuel, allowing it to maintain the right burn temperatures for a complete secondary combustion (gasification). This process ensures the glass stays clean right throughout the burn cycle. If you were manually able to dampen the fire down, like with most other wood fires, this is when the real harm is done to the environment as tars and poisonous unburnt gasses are released into the air.


Show me how it works!

Where can I buy one?

*Using well-seasoned hardwood and operated according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Pyro IV SchweppesYellow web2

Pyroclassic IV  in Schweppes Yellow - $3,699


Pyro IV HurstmereRoad web2

Pyroclassic IV in Hurstmere Road - $3,699


Pyro IV TelecomGreen web2

Pyroclassic IV in Telecom Green - $3,699



Pyro IV ColaRed web3

Pyroclassic IV in Cola Red - $3,699